School Policy

School Hours

School hours for students are from 8:45 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., except for Wednesday when the hours are from 8:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Students should NOT arrive earlier that 8:45 a.m. or remain on the campus later than 2:35 p.m., unless they are participating in a meeting.  Supervision WILL NOT be provided for students who arrive prior to 8:45a.m. or remain later than 2:35 p.m. These procedures are designed for the safety and well-being of the children.

Change in Student Information

It is imperative that the school office be notified immediately of a change of address, guardian’s phone, home or office telephone number, or emergency information during the academic school year.

Inclement Weather

When severe weather creates hazardous conditions, the regular school schedule may be suspended to ensure students’ safety. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to monitor the news reports via television and radio stations. The following stations will announce school closures: KLO (1430 AM) and KSL (1160 AM).


Each staff member at Canyon View School accepts responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and for the promotion of a program for the development of wholesome human relations. A student’s behavior should conform to acceptable standards of conduct as established by the principal and teachers.  The staff requests parental support in helping maintain appropriate conduct in the school. Children’s behavior should reflect self-respect and consideration for the rights, feelings, and property of others. 

Dress Code

Weber School District recognizes that standards of proper dress and grooming affect the behavior of students attending school. Emphasis is placed on neatness, cleanliness, safety, and modesty in personal appearance. Therefore, the following standards for dress and appearance are required:

  • Tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, low cut tops, and jerseys are not allowed
  • Pants that excessively sag or expose the buttocks or underwear are examples of inappropriate dress.
  • Clothing that is extreme, sloppy, for protest, defiance, dissent, or displays illegal substances, is obscene or suggestive, shows inappropriate words or pictures is not permitted.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend to just above the knee or lower. (No mini skirts, mini dresses or short shorts at school. Leggings can be worn but must not be sheer.)
  • Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside the building except for under doctor’s note.
  • NO HEADGEAR (i.e. hats, bandanas, sweatbands, hoods on sweatshirts)
  • Potentially dangerous apparel items such as spiked clothing, large or long chains-8 inches or longer, or unsafe accessories will not be allowed.
  • According to state health code, appropriate shoes must be worn in the school at all times, no house slippers or bare feet.
  • Gang related clothing, attire, and fashion is prohibited. Gang apparel and fashion changes, and new trends will be enforced as we receive information from our local gang task force and local law enforcement.

Canyon View Secondary Program reserves the right to prohibit any items of clothing or appearance which may cause a disturbance or distraction to an orderly school environment. Students violating the dress code will need to change their clothes, or parent/guardian will need to bring school appropriate clothing.

Cell Phones

Cell phones and other electronic devices should be out of site and not heard while in the secondary unit. If these items are brought to school, they should be put in the student’s locker upon arrival. Use of cell phones for reasons such as cheating, sexting, harassment, taking pictures or any use that is inappropriate or disruptive to a positive learning school environment will be cause for discipline. Canyon View Secondary Program prohibits the use of cell phones and digital media devices including, but not limited to: cell phones, headphones, MP3 and CD players, stereos, pagers, handheld games, cameras, laser pointers, etc. during class periods. Students are not permitted to leave class to use a cell phone or electronic device, unless given prior permission by a staff member. It will be considered a violation if the student's cell phone or electronic device disrupts the class. Phones are available for student use in the office. Please do not phone or text your student during school hours. Parents can contact their student through the school office phone. School staff will take a message, unless it is an emergency.

Students are expected to put away over cell phones and digital media devices when requested. Violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will be as follows:

Warning: Student will be asked to put cell phone/digital media device in locker or in another non-distracting location. If student refuses, behavioral data will reflect not following directions and off-task. If a significant issue, parent will be notified & student will not be allowed to return to class until complies with direction.

Repeated offenses: Parent will be contacted and asked to meet with school to develop a plan.

The taking or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate images or photographs is against Weber School District safety policy. Violations can be referred to law enforcement.

The school is not responsible for lost or broken digital media devices.