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Life Program

Learning Independence From Experiences

LIFE is a post high school transition program for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Placement in the program is an IEP team decision and students may be eligible for services until the age of 22.

Skills taught in the LIFE Program include daily living skills and vocational skills.  These skills are taught whenever possible in a community setting.  Job training, shopping, UTA skills, and recreation/leisure skills occur in the community.  Daily classes are held at Canyon View School focusing on vocational skills, communication skills, social skills, functional math and reading skills, and physical fitness to meet IEP goals. Each student’s program is individually designed by their IEP team to meet that student’s needs and goals. 

The LIFE Program works closely with adult agencies to ensure that students are receiving and will receive all support services that are available.  Some of these agencies include Social Security Administration, Medicaid, Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD), Vocational Rehabilitation, Roads to Independence (Independent Living Center) and others as needed.